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Nature & Science

Tomen modernizes ancient plant-based healing remedies through phytotherapy integration. And because the health of our bodies and planet are of equal importance, we choose to work with experienced cultivators to produce clean formulas made from the most sustainably-sourced botanicals possible.

Created With Respect and Humility

We are committed to seeking the world’s most pure and powerful plants while simultaneously respecting their natural temples and rhythms. Certified-organic or ethically and sustainably wild-harvested, Tomen offers full traceability on all ingredients. Due to harvesting schedules, our sources do change regularly. Feel free to inquire about the most current batching.

Ancient Remedies, Modernized

Tomen reveres history and nature as its almighty teachers, both of which reveal botanical wisdom that transcends much of Western medicine as we know it. Where this knowledge and modern science intersect is our north star, the catalyst to develop potent, phytonutrient-rich formulas within an FDA-registered, green-business and organic-certified plant-laboratory.

One, Of A Greater Many

Tomen is part of a larger collective ecosystem and we are committed to maintaining that harmony. For every 2oz concentrate sold, Tomen will plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. Additionally, 1% of all sales will benefit deforestation protection through The Nature Conservancy.

Founded on Reverence

We recognize the cosmic wisdom of nature, the enormity of which we will never fully understand. Tomen is designed to nourish our bodies and minds while paying tribute to our ancient connection with the plant kingdom.

Recognizing our Interdependence

We believe that fostering a deeper relationship with the natural world is crucial to our emotional and physical survival. With a profound respect for both the past and the planet, we develop our formulas to reconnect with the natural world, restore biological rhythms and find harmony within our surroundings.

A Note from Our Founder

Tomen was born from my personal quest to bring a physical and mental balance into my life through establishing a consistent daily wellness routine. I worked for years in the fast-paced world of magazine publishing before pivoting into entrepreneurship to launch my first wellness business, Owen + Alchemy.

During my O+A years, despite my best efforts, like many other entrepreneurs I often over-extended myself and lost balance. I’ve always believed deeply in the interdependence between people and plants, and so to bring equilibrium back to my body and mind, I began to explore a variety of global plant-based healing remedies and rituals, which often came in the form of powders and tinctures. While these products provided some health benefits, they all had trade-offs such as terrible taste, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or inconvenient format. So I set out to create great tasting and powerful healing concentrates that were convenient, potent, efficacious and pure.

Assisted by masters in traditional Chinese medicine, integrative wellness, western herbology and botany, we created Tomen's five formulas. I hope they support you on your personal wellness journey, as they did for me.

With much gratitude.

Anne Owen

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I take Tomen?

One serving is 2mL of botanical concentrate. We recommend 3-6 servings daily. The benefits of each formula are cumulative, and we recommend that you take each formula daily over a period of time to maximize its wellness potential. 

Is it better to stick with one formula or mix it up?

We recommend that you layer formulas together to meet your specific health needs. Certain formulas, such a Calm, Focus and Digest have more immediate effects and increase their efficacy when taken over a period of time. Other formulas, such as Detox and Immunity, will have stronger effects the more consistently that you take them. For example, you may take three servings daily of Detox as needed, or you may take six servings daily to support intentional cleansing and restoration periods over a period of weeks. Similarly, Immunity will be most effective when taken in concentrated doses during flu season or periods of travel. When taken together, Tomen formulas provide a broader spectrum of wellness benefits.

Can I take if I'm pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

We recommend consulting your physician and/or a professional herbalist when introducing any medication while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Is Tomen safe for my children?

While we believe that small doses of the concentrates may be safe for children when added to beverages, we recommend consulting with your children’s physician before introducing any new plant-based remedies into their diets. The concentrates do contain sustainable cane alcohol, and therefore we recommend that – as with all tinctures and concentrates – that you take steps to ensure that your children will not ingest them directly without dilution.

Can I mix Tomen with other beverages besides water?

We recommend mixing with sparkling water so you can best experience the formula’s complex flavor profiles. That being said, you can mix Tomen with still water, tea, or get creative and add to your favorite smoothie or cocktail.

What time of day should I take Tomen?

Our formulas are designed to be taken any time of the day. Our intention is to help you to carve out a moment of mindfulness during your daily wellness ritual, whenever you feel you need it most.

Can I take the concentrate straight (no water)?

We suggest that you add the recommended servings of concentrate directly to sparkling or still water. Because the concentrate contains sustainable cane alcohol, we do not recommend that you take the concentrate straight. By adding Tomen to water or another beverage, you will create a great-tasting, natural health promoting routine that you can stick to.

Can I mix Tomen with other plant medicine or prescriptions?

It is safe to combine these products with most plant medicines. However, it is best to consult a physician or pharmacist if taking with medication.

Does Tomen need to be refrigerated?

Sparkling waters do not need to be stored in refrigeration. Concentrates should be stored at room temperature. Keep both out of direct sunlight.

Is Tomen safe to take while fasting?

Our formulas often complement the therapeutic goals of fasting (i.e., mood, digestive support and circulation).

Why do I need medicinal herbs?

Herbal medicine supplies a wide variety of phytonutrients to support the body’s systematic functions. In these modern times, many of us are deficient in vital micronutrients that help our bodies to function most optimally. Adding herbal medicine to your daily routine will promote hormonal balance, support natural defenses and restore natural rhythms within the body.

Can I overdose?

While an overdose is highly unlikely, it is advised to follow the dosing guide and/or consult with an herbalist before increasing dosage.

How long will the botanical concentrates stay good for?

The concentrates have a shelf life of two years when stored out of direct sunlight. They do not need to be refrigerated.